YM.app最新消息,.app域名注册量继续突飞猛进,目前注册量已经突破25万,进入新顶级后缀全球前20,作为一个诞生紧紧半个月不到的全新后缀,凭借Google的强大技术和品牌支持,成为Google App生态的重要组成部分。

Hello, everybody! 你好!

我们的新项目在未来1-2年逐步开发落地。专注于.app程序的开发,因为我们坚信Google的.APP不仅仅是一个后缀,更是APP开发的生态。我们需要大量有兴趣打造APP生态的人才加入我们。联系方式 get@ym.app 或者QQ 联系89199

Our new projects will be planned to be developed in the upcoming 1-2 years. We will be focusing on the development of .APP programs as we strongly believe that the .APP of Google is not only a TLD but a super eco of APP development. We are looking for more high talented guys to join us. Just contact us at get@ym.app or talk to us at QQ 89199